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Let me preface this by saying i am an artist. Not everyone is, but i don’t think that should stop folks from making things from scratch. Making things by hand is often cheaper but most importantly: can be totally customized! I can’t stand standing at a card display searching “for that perfect card” when i could just whip up something myself. That doesn’t mean i NEVER buy cards, but i usually don’t.

I recently made my sister’s baby shower invitations. I drew and scanned the artwork, designed the cards and envelopes on my computer and printed onto blank cards and envelopes. I also added something very special: blank fabric flags for the guests to fill in their best wishes for my sister and her new baby. You can read all about the invitations and blessing banner at my three part series that i recently finished over at Pocket Pause.

I plan on making all my Christmas presents again this year: knit hats, mittens, soaps and other crafty Miranda things. It’s nice to reach out and give handmade things all year long, however. People love receiving something that you made just for them. Handmade is from the heart. You just can’t beat it!

What’s your favorite handmade item to give as a special gift?

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