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Just a girl who should have been born many centuries earlier. I enjoy all the old school housewife things like cooking from scratch, sewing, baking and gardening. My husband and I try to live simply and be content with what we have. We focus on local eating and living sustainably while having a successful home based business. We try to consume less and do without because we know that consuming even "greenly" isn't the best option. We are currently focusing on detoxing our home and our personal care routines, it's been quite a ride so far! I blog about gardening and local living over at www.ChiotsRun.com. My husband and I own a business doing website design and videography (weddings and commercial). Check us out at www.2ndMileProductions.com. We try to run our lives and businesses in a sustainable manner. I was born and grew up in Colombia, South America and enjoyed living in a tropical setting for so many years. I now live in NE Ohio and enjoy the seasons. I also love to take photos of what's going on my life, check out my Flickr photostream: Chiot's Run

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