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Yellow can help sharpen your memory, bring clarity and awareness as well as help clear your mind to help you be alert and active. Yellow is also the color associated with happiness and joy.  As we celebrate Mother’s Day here in the United States, yellow seems to be the perfect color to celebrate with.

This is a photo of the beautiful blooming stonecrop at my neighbors house. I shared some cutting with my mom when I visited her in Florida this past April. She was going to use the cutting in some of the planters that are around her condo building. Happy Mother’s Day Mom. Carrying on the theme of yellow, I have posted more photos over at Sincerely, Emily.
Yellow seemed like a nice choice for Mother’s Day– sunny and happy. Oddly, there are few yellow flowers blooming in my yard on this Mothers Day-just a few of the local irises. Mostly the blooming things are pink today-columbine, rock soapwort, early strawberries. Yellow here is a phenomenon of early spring and midsummer.

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“There is no blue without yellow and without orange.”

Vincent van Gogh


Here at Chiot’s Run, I love grouping images together by color. Over on my Flickr Photostream I have a few sets that are organized by color. For today’s YELLOW theme I made a snapshot of my yellow collection on Flickr.
Yellow is such a happy color, it really does look beautiful against the blue skies. Is there anything more lovely than a sunflower towering above you against the sunny blue skies of summer?


Kim here…yellow has so much energy in it.  It wakes us up and makes us smile!

Sunshine and sunflowers and daffodils…

Pollen on little bee legs and yellow peppers…yum!

A pale blushing rose to take one’s breath way!

And even this…

The ornery yellow jacket is even beautiful with his coat of yellow stripes!


Yellow is a definite sign of spring here in Tennessee.

rainsoaked buttercup



Yellow blossoms are such a happy, vibrant sign of life – but we cannot forget that other great things come in shades of yellow too!



meyer lemons


What’s your favorite yellow thing?

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