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I have always wanted to extend my growing season.  I have not wanted to invest the money in a greenhouse.  Well if there was money I suppose I would!  Anyway I have found and easy, cheap, simple way to extend my zone 8 Pacific Northwest season!

My tomatoes have long shriveled and turned black from our first frost weeks ago.  My beans are gone too.  I have not said goodbye yet to my eggplant or bell peppers. They are still ripening and providing me with fresh nutritious produce.

yellow peppers winter garden tunnel

I raise my main garden veggies in raised beds (minus squash and melons) due to our notoriously wet weather here in  Washington state.  I put up tunnels of concrete reinforcing wire that I placed in the bed by bending over and using tension to keep them in place.  I covered with clear plastic and held it down by brick.  Quick, easy, inexpensive!  I put them on early in the spring and just never removed them.yellow bell peppers winter garden

Although there are no new peppers being set, the 100’s of immature peppers are now getting a chance to ripen.  There aren’t the huge harvests that the late summer brought but there are a handful every day much to the delight of my pepper loving heart!

yellow peppers1

With any luck I just might have fresh peppers for Thanksgiving!

So do you have any inexpensive season extending secrets you would like to share?


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