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Revisiting F

This last week I was up in Wisconsin visiting my brother and his family. My travel timing was perfect and I met the first storm and deep-freeze temps of the season as it arrived in the area. 063I have not lived in snow for 16 years and when I watched the rain come down and the temperature drop as I waited for my mom’s plane to arrive I considered making a big sign for the back window of our rental car. Something like, “BACK OFF! I’m from Texas, and I haven’t driven in snow for 16 years!” Hoping that would explain my super slow (but safe) driving! ha

The driving really went well. The roads were slick, but I took things slow, and cautious. In fact one night when my mom, niece and I were coming back from a holiday party up at the cabin I had fun with some fishtailing on the side roads. We were all laughing pretty hard, especially after a nice fishtail where I overshot the driveway and bounced up and over the curb. The three of us couldn’t get into the house and to the bathrooms fast enough we were laughing so hard that there was a threat or two of wetting our pants. I know we will all remember that one.

062I do not miss the maintenance of winter and I do not miss that bone chilling freezing cold feeling when the temp is sitting at 0F before you even factor in the windchill (-27F.) But I am very happy; to have decorated a 14′ tree full of 5 generations worth of family ornaments, had wonderful friends over for lunch, had the opportunity to go to a few holiday parties and see many friends, have dinner with more family members up near the cabin and more!

I didn’t really have to spend any time outside. Watching the snow come down and leave a beautiful white blanket over everything was beautiful and normally I would have rushed out to shovel off the driveway and sidewalks (because it would have been fun to do – a novelty of sorts and that snow was really light and fluffy), but I knew I would get two shovels-worth done and I knew the novelty would wear off in 2 seconds when I was out of breath and huffing and puffing… so I “let” my brother do it. When I saw him get the blower out to do the driveway one day I realized that I could have done that (probably!)044

So revisiting F was kind of fun… freezing temps, family, friends, and falling snow.

Sincerely, Emily

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This year Spring has actually come on quite slowly for once down herein South Texas. Although our temperatures are all over the board, it has been nice. A few days ago we were 90F, while today we struggled to hit 70F. (Sorry, I know many of you in the Midwest are digging out from the latest snow fall or trying to stay upright on icy sidewalks!)

With days that have already been in the high 80’s and up to 90F, I notice “Cat Tummy Season” is already here.  What the heck is “Cat Tummy Season?”

Kivuli tummy

I think that explains it.

Kivuli tummy 2

Sincerely, Emily

You can see what else I am up to over at Sincerely, Emily. The topics are varied, as I jump around from gardening to sewing to making bread or lotion and many things in between.

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We used to live in Cincinnati when we were younger and I always thought it was interesting that there would be a run on the grocery stores before a big snow storm.  People would snatch up all the bread and milk. I always thought it was funny, I always wondered what exactly people were going to be using the bread and milk for if they were snowed in, make french toast?  Mr Chiots and I now live in NE Ohio and we have a few winter storms each year that make it difficult for us to get out.  We live in a rural area, so the roads around us are not on the top of the list for clearing.  It’s not that we get snowed in for weeks and can’t go anywhere, but every now and then we choose to stay home for a few days while things clear up rather than risk heading out.

It’s nice to know that we could be snowed in for weeks and still be fine because we have; a freezer full of venison, vegetables & fruit, a pantry full of home canned goods, homegrown potatoes, and a nice stash of rice, wheat berries, and other staples. No running out to the store to be prepared for such an occasion. Truth be told we could probably survive for almost a year on the supplies we have squirreled away in the basement pantry.

If you live in a cold climate it’s always good to be prepared for cold weather related events, keep some extra food on hand and emergency heat source. If you live in an area with other natural disasters it’s wise to keep some grab and go emergency supplies so you can evacuate quickly and have the supplies you need, like: food, water filter, first aid kit, blankets, clothing, etc. Chances are you’ll never need your emergency supplies, but it sure provides peace of mind knowing you are ready!

Do you keep food and emergency supplies on hand for such occasions? How long do you think you could last on the food in your home?

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