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D seems to be a hard one for me. I have been going through my photos and nothing that is remotely close to “D” is popping out. I did find a really great D in there.

My neighbor/friend that loves playing with wood made some beautiful walnut tops for the new reception area at our local Senior activity center. I have been in and out of his garage a million times while he was working on them. That walnut sure smelled good.228

I had gone with him once when he needed to see how things fit and the pieces were beautiful then, but WOW they look great finished and in place. So, this is the perfect D. D is for desk.

You can also see some other things that he has made.

So, as I am typing this… I remembered another photo I have that works.  D is for datura. This datura was a volunteer in the middle of one of the walkways in my garden. Full sun and simply beautiful! I would give it a drink when I watered the vegetables. All those blooms tells me that it was really happy there.

volunteer datura

volunteer datura

Sincerely, Emily

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