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Hi All,

When I found out that this week was where we would get to explore the concept of “plains” I had a lot of trouble finding images to support my post. Serendipity Farm, and indeed Tasmania, isn’t flat. It’s hilly at the least and downright mountainous at the worst but flat plains are significant by the absence in our neck of the woods. I managed to find 2 photos that Steve and I took on our daily walks with our dogs Bezial and Earl. The first is of a dirt road that we decided to explore one day as a most welcome variation to our usual well pounded walkways and the second is of Auld Kirk Road, the road that runs along the front of our property…

The dogs love walking on country roads

The dogs love walking on country roads

The road that runs past Serendipity Farm

The road that runs past Serendipity Farm

I then had to renegotiate “plain” in my head…from this point in the post on, plain isn’t quite to do with level areas of the earths surface…this first image is of one of the lawned areas around the house. This is a gorgeous little native Tasmanian¬†“Superb Fairy Wren” male who was dancing about looking for insects…he is just “plain showing off”…

Pretty little wren on the lawn

Pretty little wren on the lawn

Next I wanted to share this little rainwater tank that a good friend loaned us because he insisted that we needed to be drinking rain water for our health…lots of level surfaces here and just “plain generous”…

Lots of straight lines but not a lot of plains...

Lots of straight lines but not a lot of plains…

As a vegan I eat some strange and unusual foods in order to make sure that I get enough variation in my diet and I found this packet of shrivelled green things in one of my cupboards…all I can say is thank goodness for “plain English!”…



A vegan meal that goes to show that just because I only eat plant based food doesn’t mean I have to go without…just “plain stubborn” when it comes to ensuring that I get fed well I guess…

Burger anyone?

Burger anyone?

When Steve moved to Australia from the U.K. his Greek friend Chris gave him this Greek eye because he was “plain superstitious”…

A Greek superstition called Mati where this eye is placed at your door to prevent the envy of others from cursing you

A Greek superstition called Mati where this eye is placed at your door to prevent the envy of others from cursing you

My daughters bought me a lovely friand pan along with lots of other lovely foodie goodies this year for mothers day, they are just “plain wonderful”. Here are some of the first batch of friand’s that I made with it and I made my own almond flour to make them…

Delicious dense little almond meal friand

Delicious dense little almond meal friand

Here is proof that Steve is just “plain clever” when it comes to sorting out the problems that I hurl at him. I don’t use this little gas stovetop in winter as Brunhilda, our 4 oven wood burning stove is constantly on and we have no need for it so to give me a bit more bench top space Steve designed this stovetop cover

Steve's clever fix for my desire to have more bench space

Steve’s clever fix for my desire to have more bench space

Steve picked this bunch of daffodils from the garden here on Serendipity Farm. They are just “plain beautiful”…

I love daffodils, they are the first sign of spring on Serendipity Farm and are out all over the place at the moment

I love daffodils, they are the first sign of spring on Serendipity Farm and are out all over the place at the moment

I hate having to throw away perfectly good sourdough starter that is excess to our needs and so I started drying it out in my dehydrator and powdering it to give it a longer shelf life and to share with anyone who would like some…”plain frugality”…

I am very proud to be living a frugal lifestyle

I am very proud to be living a frugal lifestyle

Here are some of the mushrooms that we let grow in our bags of mushroom compost that we bought to use as mulch in our vegetable garden last year. If you are clever (and we are) you can get lots more mushrooms out of these bags. We collected an incredible amount of free mushrooms before it was tipped out and used as mulch…”plain permaculture in action”…

Little button mushrooms. If you leave them a week they end up to be the size of saucers

Little button mushrooms. If you leave them a week they end up to be the size of saucers

Lastly here is one of Steve and my cakey creations made with homemade sponge cakes with our free range eggs this one is just “plain delicious”…

Anyone for cake?

Anyone for cake?

See you all next Monday. No idea what I will be posting about but you can be sure it won’t be “normal” ūüėČ

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Yes I make it vegan but you don’t have too…but you could!

1 Large sweet onion chopped (you could use regular but my family likes sweet onions)

5+ cloves of garlic minced (I usually do 8 or so, but we loooove garlic!)

Enough olive oil to coat the bottom of a large stock pot that will cook the whole batch of chili

Saute in olive oil until the onions and garlic  have started to soften (5 minutes or so)

Add a quart of home canned tomatoes (or large 28 oz from store) don’t drain

Add 1/4 to 1/3 Cup of tomato paste (I need to learn to make this!)

Now here is where you can get experimental with spices…these are just approximations of what I add.

4 TBSP Chili Powder

1 TBSP Cumin (sometimes more)

2 tsp Oregeno

Fresh Ground Pepper to taste

Salt to taste depending on how ya like it!

3 Cups or so of Water or 1 1/2 Cups water and 1 1/2 Cups Homemade Vegetable broth

Bring this all to a boil, reduce and simmer until it starts to thicken 25 – 3o minutes

Then your gonna add…

2 Cups precooked or canned drained Kidney beans

2 Cups precooked or canned drained Black Beans

2 Cups precooked or canned drained Pinto Beans

Now you can use any combo of beans…they all rock…well except Lima Beans which I hate, but that is my issue not yours…

2 – 3 Cups corn (fresh or frozen…suppose canned would work too, but I don’t use canned corn so I’m guessing here)

Simmer another 20 minutes are so…until all the ingredients have all gotten nice and friendly with each other.¬† Adjust the seasonings to your liking.

Serve with fresh cornbread or with crumbled tortilla chips.¬† Or better yet pour it over hot brown rice…my oh my!

You won’t miss the meat…seriously you won’t!

Oh! I almost forgot to mention…this is outstanding with bell peppers chopped and cooked up with the onions and garlic but alas my family hates cooked peppers!¬† What’s with that???


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Since last week was homemade granola I decided to continue with the breakfast theme.¬† Since I grew and preserved a lot of pumpkin this year we have been having pumpkin pudding for breakfast quite often.¬† The kids love it, I like baking it the night before and having it ready for the next day’s breakfast…the kids think I rock for serving them pudding for breakfast!


I just make the innards (this is the proper term for the yummy soft middle part) for a pumpkin pie, cut down on the sugar just a tad and up the spices just slightly.  Instead of pouring it into a crust I pour it into little ramekins and bake.

For the topping we use vanilla yogurt with a sprinkling of cinnamon.

You get your shot of vitamin A from the pumpkins and¬†a¬†good dose of¬†protein.¬† Most importantly¬†it makes you feel like a rebel¬† knowing that you are eating pudding for breakfast…which as we¬†¬†know breaks all the rules!!!

PS. If you really want to live on the wild side…try a vegan recipe. Here is one that you make in the blender, so very easy to make.¬† It is from here

Blend in a blender:

2 c. solid-pack canned pumpkin (if you use home-cooked pumpkin, drain it for
several hours hanging in a cloth bag, so it’s thick like canned pumpkin)

1 c. non-dairy milk (preferably a rich soy milk or a nut milk…I use homemade cashew milk)

3/4 c. brown sugar

1/4 c. cornstarch

1 T. molasses or blackstrap molasses

1 tsp. ground cinnamon

1 tsp. vanilla

1/2 tsp. EACH ground ginger, nutmeg and salt

1/4 tsp. ground allspice or cloves

Bake at 350 for 1 hour, cool and refrigerate overnight to firm up…this couldn’t be easier and we all love it, well except hubby who won’t even try it!

So go ahead, live on the edge…I dare you!

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I have the most¬† delicious recipe for yummy, moist, apple¬†infused cake…my family loves it, I love it, the mailman loves it!

But don’t blame me if you become addicted…it really is that good…seriously…I kid you not! It is healthy too…WHAT you say…healthy and delicious…yes siree¬†it is indeed!

I even let my kids have it for breakfast…I’m just that kind of cool hip mom!

Farmer Kim’s Apple Cake (yes I named it after myself…no ego here!)

  • 3 Cups Whole Wheat Flour
  • 2 Cups Sugar (this can be cut down, I’ve gone as far as down to 1 Cup)
  • 1 tsp Baking Soda
  • 1 tsp Salt
  • 1/2 Cup Vegetable Oil
  • 3 eggs(egg replacer for us vegans)
  • 3/4 Cup Applesauce
  • 2 tsp Vanilla Extract
  • 3 to 4 Cups Diced Apples
  • 1 Cup Raisins
  • 1 Cup Chopped Walnuts (optional)

Preheat oven to 325 degrees F…¬†you are going to bake for about 1 hour


Chop up all those lovely apple into bite sized chunks.  You will need between 3 and 4 cups depending on how apple crazy you are

I actually put in 5…but that is getting closer to baked apples with a little cake in between!


After you’ve chopped your apples get out a big bowl and start mixing your dry ingredients.¬† First flour…


Then sugar…don’t forget to let it run through your fingers!


Add Baking Soda and Salt


Mix dry ingredients together really well…wearing Hello Kitty preferably

Next you’re gonna add the not so dry ingredients…




Vegetable Oil…


One of my favorite things in the whole food world…homemade applesauce!


Yep…its going in to join the party too!!!


Then add the vanilla and…

look at it, smell it, ask mom if you can taste it…

wonder for the 100th time how can something that smells so good taste so icky?


Mix it all together and you have the mortar that is gonna hold together the real stars of the cake…


The yummy apples and…


the delicious raisins

Note…I almost always soak my raisins before adding to a recipe¬†but this in the EXCEPTION.¬† This cake is so moist that I don’t need to.¬† If you have very dry raisins you could soak them just make sure to drain them very well before adding

Here is where you would add the walnuts…except I’m not going to because I live with nut-haters…well my kids don’t actually hate nuts they just don’t like them in desserts.¬† Go figure!


Stir it all together and what have you got?¬† That is like an apple parade in a pan…a well oiled pan to be exact!

Bake at 325 for 1 hour till it comes out looking like…


Ohhh My!

Wait for it to cool enough that you don’t burn your tongue…


Dish yourself up a big piece while your mouth waters uncontrollably, grab a fork…or not…and dig in!

That is unless you are wild and crazy like me and must have just a little adornment on your cake…somthing just a little more special…something that adds pizzazz!


Oh baby…come to mama!

Kim can also be found at the inadvertent farmer where she raises organic fruits, veggies, critters, kids and…a camel!

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bunch of tomatoes

All I can say is my oh my do I have tomatoes…planted 40 plants

WHAT was I thinking???

They looked so little when in their tiny starter cells.

So what to do with all these?

How about raw tomato sauce

Raw? Why raw you are wondering…

Well here is the deal, I have recently become vegan…but this has nothing at all to do with that!

So no I am not a raw food vegan…

I am a lazy vegan….as opposed to a lazy vegetarian which I perfected over decades of hardly working!!!

I just don’t want to stand around a big pot all day cookin’ up sauce so…

tom crate3

I decided that lazy was the word for the day I would make the sauce raw…

Why not I said to myself…there is no law stopping me.

So that is precisely what I did!

tomato sauce1

First I washed…

Then I cored…

Then I threw…I threw them into my Vita-Mix that is!

Then I added…


Part of a pretty pepper from my plot…say that 3 times fast!

To which I also added…

tomato sauce2

Fresh basil, part of a sweet onion…

Parsley from my window sill…

Salt, pepper…

Roasted garlic…I LOVE roasted garlic!

If you put something roasted in your raw sauce does that not make it raw anymore?

And a touch of organic extra virgin olive oil.

Whirred it all around and voila’

Fresh, raw, yummy tomato sauce…

Which I forgot to take a picture of…sorry!


We have used this on pasta

Over roasted eggplant

As chilled soup

As tomato juice with a dash of Tabasco!

And of course with as many tomatoes as I have…we froze A LOT!

I must say it is scrumptious…is it exactly like cooked tomato sauce…no

But it beats standing around a big ol’ pot in the middle of August!

Go… enjoy…


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