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On our 10 acres we have just over half in use.  Most of it is pasture for the animals, the orchard, garden, and house occupy the rest.  The remaining land is wild and we have it hayed each year.  We then buy back the some of the hay at a much discounted price.  It works out very well for both us and our neighbor who gets some of our hay for free for his cattle. It also keep the weeds (blackberries specifically) at a young manageable state.  As opposed to the giant vines that would develope if we let the property go. We have been doing this for all 12+ years that we have lived here. 

This year we didn’t get it mowed down.  The summer just got away from us and before we knew it it was to late for hay.  I thought I wouldn’t like seeing the pasture grass all grown up and weedy all winter…

But I have enjoyed standing at the kitchen window and observing all the wild creatures that are using the grass for cover.  Rabbits especially seem to be thriving in the field.  Our local hawks have been circling looking…and finding…rodents.  Even my kids bundle up and go run through it on the way to grandma’s

We won’t let the property go wild every year but for this year it has been fun to see what happens when you just let nature be in charge. Not making hay is a good thing once and a while!  Besides…

It gives me something else to take pictures of, and goodness knows I need to take more pictures…

Just ask my overstuffed computer and extra hard drives!

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