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Since our Real Food Challenge I have not purchased any Pasta Sauces.  I have had to come up witheasy to cook, satisfying sauces for any pasta, polenta or Quinoa.

Here is my latest…I love mushrooms…LOVE so this is right up my alley!

4 Large Portobello Mushrooms chopped including stems

1 Large Sweet Onion

3 TBSP Olive Oil

4 Cloves Garlic diced (more or less to taste)

1 Quart Canned Tomatoes (that is 32 oz of tomatoes…in the summer I’m going to try fresh)

2 Tablespoon Fresh Basil

1 tsp Oregano

Salt and Pepper to taste

Saute Mushrooms and Onion in Olive oil 4 to 5 minutes till soft.

Add Garlic and Saute a minute or so longer while stirring

Add tomatoes and Oregano

Simmer 15 minutes or until your pasta is done.

Remove from heat then add basil and salt and pepper to taste

Spoon over pasta, toast, polenta, cous cous…or whatever!

And for you non-vegan my hubby says a sprinkling of Parmesan is wonderful on this sauce!

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bunch of tomatoes

All I can say is my oh my do I have tomatoes…planted 40 plants

WHAT was I thinking???

They looked so little when in their tiny starter cells.

So what to do with all these?

How about raw tomato sauce

Raw? Why raw you are wondering…

Well here is the deal, I have recently become vegan…but this has nothing at all to do with that!

So no I am not a raw food vegan…

I am a lazy vegan….as opposed to a lazy vegetarian which I perfected over decades of hardly working!!!

I just don’t want to stand around a big pot all day cookin’ up sauce so…

tom crate3

I decided that lazy was the word for the day I would make the sauce raw…

Why not I said to myself…there is no law stopping me.

So that is precisely what I did!

tomato sauce1

First I washed…

Then I cored…

Then I threw…I threw them into my Vita-Mix that is!

Then I added…


Part of a pretty pepper from my plot…say that 3 times fast!

To which I also added…

tomato sauce2

Fresh basil, part of a sweet onion…

Parsley from my window sill…

Salt, pepper…

Roasted garlic…I LOVE roasted garlic!

If you put something roasted in your raw sauce does that not make it raw anymore?

And a touch of organic extra virgin olive oil.

Whirred it all around and voila’

Fresh, raw, yummy tomato sauce…

Which I forgot to take a picture of…sorry!


We have used this on pasta

Over roasted eggplant

As chilled soup

As tomato juice with a dash of Tabasco!

And of course with as many tomatoes as I have…we froze A LOT!

I must say it is scrumptious…is it exactly like cooked tomato sauce…no

But it beats standing around a big ol’ pot in the middle of August!

Go… enjoy…


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