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I have been trying and trying to make a refried beans that I like…being vegetarian it has been a challenge.

Right now this one is my favorite, and it is easy!

1 pound dried black beans or dried pinto beans

2 TBSP minced garlic divided

1 medium tomato diced (optional)

2 TBSP cumin

1 TBSP chili powder

2 TBSP olive oil

salt to taste

  1. Place the beans in a large saucepan, and cover with an inch of water. Place over high heat, and bring to a boil. When the beans have come to a boil, drain, and return them to the same pot. Cover the beans with 2 inches of water, and stir in 1 tablespoon of garlic, the tomato, cumin, and chili powder. Bring to a boil over high heat, then reduce heat to low, and simmer until the beans are very soft, about 3 hours and 45 minutes, adding water as needed.
  2. Once the beans have cooked, mash them with the remaining tablespoon of garlic, the oil, and salt to taste; use additional water as needed to achieve desired consistency. Place over low heat for 30 minutes, stirring occasionally. Serve.

This recipe is from All Recipes and I have not had to tweak it at all (except I usually use black beans)

We’ve used in tacos, dips, and just out of a bowl.  I must say that will keep searching for the ‘perfect’ refried beans but if I never find it I will be very happy with this these!

Kim can also be found at the inadvertent farmer where she raises organic fruits, veggies, critter, kids, and…a camel!

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