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In recognition of our independence, we are enjoying a little red, white and blue on many levels.


I knew I (Sincerely, Emily) had a red photo to share. Nothing like a bowl of cherry tomatoes!

Ok, so it's red with a little yellow too!

Ok, so it’s red with a little yellow too!


Did you celebrate with Red, white and blue?

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Sunday Photos: Red

Red has been associated with prosperity and joy. Red is also connected to passion and love. In Chinese tradition, it’s the color of luck. Brides wear it, and birthday money comes in little red envelopes.


I have one garden area dedicated to reds and oranges. The funny thing about the two photos I am sharing is that neither of them are from plants in my garden… they are from my neighbors gardens. I have more red photos posted over at Sincerely, Emily today.


Under the eaves at Xan’s house

On the table

In the belly!


Here at Chiot’s Run I don’t have many red flowers because I’m not a big fan of them. I lean more towards purple, white and green. As an edible gardener, I do have lots of red tomatoes showing themselves in the garden come late August and September.

And who can resist a big bowl of red strawberries plucked perfectly ripe from the back garden? We always enjoy them in strawberry shortcake, a crumbly lightly sweetened biscuit topped with sliced strawberries and drowned with fresh raw milk from the farm. Here’s my recipe for Strawberry Shortcake.

Of course I have to mention the Red Ethel Gloves, though sadly they’re no longer available (though many other colors/styles are). Sadly, my red pair is just about worn out and ready to be retired for good.

I do have an All Things Red set over on my Flickr Photostream.

What does red mean to you?

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Red is the ultimate cure for sadness. – Bill Blass


Here at Chiot’s Run, I love grouping images together by color. Over on my Flickr Photostream I have a few sets that are organized this way. For today’s RED theme I made a snapshot of my red collection on Flickr.

I’m not really a huge fan of red flowers, for some reason they seem a little too harsh for me. There are a few red thing I love seeing in the garden, tomatoes being the best.

And can you not smile when you see a lovely little red lady bug in the garden?


Kim here…I was sure I would have no red photos.

I was wrong!

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