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Sunday Photos: Purple

Purple. What a vibrant color, so full of life. There are a few meanings behind the color purple. It is said to be the color of good judgement and also the color of people seeking spiritual fulfillment. I have also read that if you surround yourself with purple you will have peace of mind. Purple is also a good color to use in meditation.


Even though purple is my favorite color and I have a whole garden dedicated to purple and white flowering things, I don’t seem to have many “purple” photos.  I have posted a few more purples in my life over at Sincerely, Emily.


I’m not the biggest fan of purple, either. But without any doing of my own, there seem to be plenty of purple highlights in my back “yard,” as well as inside among my roving stash for felting. I’m sure you’ll find some purple amongst future Fiber Friends, as there seems to be bags and bags of this stuff in my stash! You can see more about my current doings inside and out at Pocket Pause.


Here at Chiot’s Run purple is a dominate color in the garden. My first year gardening I planned an all white garden planting all sorts of lovely white flowers, which all bloomed purple that first summer. Since then my gardens are dominated with purple blooms and I love them.

Do you like purple?

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Purple is a definite sign of life here in Tennessee.

teeny tinygrape


spiderwort 'Sweet Kate'

It’s also a sign of good eats!

sweet potato gnocchi with brown butter sage sauce


I’m not a fan of the red, yellow and orange flowers. I find something very cool & soothing about purple flowers though. My gardens are predominately filled with purple, pink or white flowering plants. Like many of the other color days, I have a Flickr collection featuring all my purple photos.

I’d have to say my favorite purple would have to be the wild black raspberries that we pick every summer. There’s something so wonderful about their deep purple color and their wonderful flavor. I freeze them on a cookie sheet and we enjoy them in cobblers all winter long.


Happy Sunday all…Kim here sharing a little purple!

What’s your favorite purple thing?

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