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I’ve spent the last week making mental notes of which prepared foods I will be replacing with homemade, and those that will be leaving all together. Getting ready for our Real Food Challenge.

I have gathered some cracker recipes to have on hand for crunchy snacks.  I have also dug out the old air popper and stocked up on organic corn for popped corn instead of chips.  My oat jar is full and standing by for homemade granola and my grain bins are full ready to be ground into flour for bread and cookies.

I have also been looking around for any information about processed foods and their health effects…

In my recent TIME magazine under the large article called ‘The Science of Living Longer’ one of the suggestions for health was “Choose foods that look the same when you eat them as when they come out of the ground…”

The nutrition magazine that our local health food store has called ‘Better Nutrition’ had a little blurb in it that stated “Eating lots of vegetables, fruits, and fish boosts mood. In contrast, processed foods contribute to depression, according to a study of 3,486 civil servants in the United Kingdom, published in the British Journal of Psychiatry’

Interesting…I always know that you were helping you body with good nutrition but I never had considered your mental state getting a boost from avoiding processed foods.  When you think about it anything that is good for the body surely is good for the mind!

And when you have a little time (it’s a long article) you might want to read this article in the New York Times by Michael Pollan titled ‘Unhappy Meals’

A couple of his tips for eating well are…

Don’t eat anything your great-grandmother wouldn’t recognize as food,

Avoid foods with ingredients that unfamiliar, you can’t pronounce, have more than 5 ingredients

Get out of the Supermarket whenever possible…you won’t find high fructose corn syrup at the Farmer’s Market

Pay More, Eat Less.  Eat foods that are grown well and organic even though they may cost more.  Then eat less…

So I am slowly gearing up and getting ready…how about you?  Have you thought about the changes you are going to make for our challenge?

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