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When walking through my gardens all seems so lovely…

Blueberries are blooming…

Spinach is up and thriving…

Chives are a bloomin’!

Yet there is trouble in paradise, let’s go over to the pea patch…

I have critter issues…I’m presuming the are field mice, which would be appropriate since we live in the middle of a big former cow pasture!  They seem to love peas the most (although I have seen them cut off a tomato seedling and try to pull it down their hole!)

In years past I have tried keeping mouse traps around the garden, they were very effective but I can not tell you how much I hated taking the little corpses out of the traps, discarding of the bodies, bating and resetting the traps.

This year I hung these on the pea fence hoping the racket would keep them at bay…

They were effective keeping the birds from getting the pea seeds but as you can see by the arrow that the mice weren’t bothered at all by them.

Our cat is a good mouse but with 10 acres to patrol he only is marginally effective on the garden area.

Besides he tends to poop in the new beds…yuck!

So here is my question this morning…any of you have some advice on how to deal with mice in the garden?

Kim can also be found at the inadvertent farmer where she is raising organic fruits, veggies, critters, kids, and…a camel!

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Yes, this is what I saw a few days ago crawling across my front walk.

A SLUG…ughhh!

If you live in a wet zone like I do in Western Washington…if you garden in this area…you shudder at the thought…the very sight of this nemesis makes your garden loving heart break.

They will eat your entire newly sprouted garden if you are not careful, they will eat much of your mature garden too…all the while leaving their icky trail of snot behind them.  Seriously folks can I empasize enough I how detest these?

Did you know that this slug can produce 200 offerspring this season?  And its offspring can also produce 200 offspring?  Do you know how many slugs that is?


I used to pay my boys a dime a piece for slugs.  They would go out just after dark with flashlights and come back with over 30 each all impaled together on long sticks like marshmallows ready to roast.  It was not pretty.

I tried getting ducks, which love slugs…but they left such a mess behind themselves it wasn’t worth the trade off.

I’ve done beer traps, environmentally responsible bait, yeast/sugar water, salt. copper…you name it ,I’ve tried it.

But today I am using one of my most oft used weapons in this war…

And feel not one bit of remorse over it either…

So what pest do you wage war against in your garden?

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