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It’s filbert season here in the Willamette valley, and i am just pleased as punch about it! What’s a filbert, you say? Otherwise known as hazelnuts (ah, that’s a name you recognize), filberts are small nuts hidden inside fuzzy/stabby packages that are pretty much delicious anyway you crack ’em. I was sad to leave the wonderland of pecans back in Texas, but can console myself with handfuls of hazelnuts and wheelbarrows full of walnuts.

I picked up a 5 pound back of filberts from a local farm this Wednesday at the farmer’s market. They used a nifty contraption to crack them in bulk, which mostly worked. I sorted a little over half of them to get 2 cups of shelled nuts for a batch of delicious spiced nuts (seriously: click over because you NEED that recipe) and put the rest in the fridge. I think i’ll try a batch of apple/nut bread this weekend. A friend of ours is hosting an apple pressing party this weekend, so we’ll come home with a bushel of apples for eating/drying/baking, i still have a package of local cranberries from last year in the freezer and a blogger posted this tasty looking Autumn Harvest bread recipe at this week’s Eat, Make, Grow blog hop that i’m hankering to try. It’s fate, i tell ya! I’ll be sure and post the recipe i come up with soon.

Do nuts grow locally in your neck of the woods? What do you like to do with them?


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