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Since the REAL Food Challenge was such a success and we had a lot of interest in other areas of REAL, we decided that each month we’d spend some time focusing on one area. This month we’ll all be talking about REAL clean. Healthy, natural, non-toxic, or homemade alternatives to the things you use to clean your house, your pets, your kids and yourselves.

Here at Chiot’s Run we started detoxing our cleaning products many years ago and our personal care products a few years ago. For cleaning I’ve always used vinegar, baking soda, Dr. Bronner – Sal-Suds and some of my own cleaners.

I started thinking about the ingredients in personal care products when I was on a patch medication. I would apply a tiny patch to my hip once a week and enough medication would be absorbed through my skin throughout the week so I didn’t have to take a pill every day. That got me thinking about all the soaps and lotions that we slathered on our skin each day and how we absorb all those chemicals through our skin! I read The Green Beauty Guide: Your Essential Resource to Organic and Natural Skin Care, Hair Care, Makeup, and Fragrances and was appalled by the things I learned about all of the ingredients in personal care products. We threw away all of the products we were using and started to search out products made from organic non-toxic ingredients. If I won’t eat it, I wouldn’t put it on my skin! This area is kind of a minefield though as there aren’t really any regulations to govern the labels. You’ll find things labeled “organic”,”non-toxic” or “all-natural” that really aren’t. Some “all-natural” ingredients like mineral oil are anything but safe!

After trying all kinds of products we’ve finally settled on a few that we love. I’ll be talking about my favorite personal care products next week and I’ll do a post about my homemade cleaning products later this month as well. We’ll be doing a giveaway for some Tropical Traditions Lotion and Deodorant as part of our REAL clean month as well, so check back for those.

What are some thing you’d like to hear about during the REAL clean challenge?

Resources for the REAL Clean Challenge: I’ll be adding more links throughout the month for specific products and links with great information & recipes.
Books with Recipes for Homemade Personal Care Products:

This is my favorite little home cleaning book:

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