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As a busy mom I am always looking for easy and quick and most importantly healthy ways to serve whole grains to my family.

About the easiest way to serve grains is  cooked and cooled with a simple marinade that relies on vinegar and oil with a supporting cast of garlic and herbs and spices.

I just throw all the ingredients in my blender, blend till smooth and pour over my cooked/cooled grain.  This is based off of a recipe in one of my favorite cookbooks ‘Amazing Grains’

Into blender…

1/3 cup balsamic or white wine vinegar (I really like balsamic)

2 TBSP Olive or other strongly flavored oil (I use local hazelnut oil)

3 to 4 cloves garlic peeled (fresh always!)

6 TBSP fresh herbs (I almost always use Basil as it grows on my windowsill year round, but any favorite single herb or combination of herbs that you love)

Sea Salt to taste

Fresh Ground pepper to taste

Tiny drizzle of honey or pinch of sugar (the more you add the more you get a sweet/sour marinade, I like the vinegar so only add just a tiny bit of honey)

Any ground spices you enjoy with your chosen herb.

Blend till well combined.  Pour over your whole grain.  Our favorite is Quinoa, but we have also used it on brown rice and buckwheat.  This can also easily be made into a vegetable salad with the addition of fresh finely chopped veggies from the garden.

Experiment with combinations of fresh herbs and accompanying spices till you find your favorite!

If you are looking for another way to introduce some whole grains into your family’s diet and one that doesn’t involve making bread…this is for you!

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