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It’s that time of year to start thinking about the upcoming sugaring season. If you’ve never sugared your maples before I’d recommend that you give it a go. It’s loads of fun and you end up with maple syrup at the end. It’s a great way to slow down and take notice what goes into the production. It will certainly make you not ever want to waste a precious drop, even if it’s not your own homemade syrup.

Mr Chiots and I have been sugaring our maples for a few years. Last year we got over a gallon of syrup from our trees. It’s really not that difficult, basically you collect sap from maple trees (they don’t have to be sugar maples), boil it down, finish to a certain temperature, strain and enjoy. I’d highly recommend getting a book like Backyard Sugarin’ to read through before you begin. I’d also highly recomend reading the book Sugartime: The Hidden Pleasures of Making Maple Syrup, it is not only the story of making maple syrup, but some history and an explanation of the beauty of the process. This article from OSU is also very informative.

This week I’ll be getting out all of my spiles and washing them up. I’ll also get all the jars and wire hangers ready. We’ll put a tap in the big maple tree that we can see from the kitchen window and we’ll keep our eye on it. When the sap starts to flow we’ll tap the rest of our trees (about 25 total).

Then we’ll spend our days gathering sap and boiling it down. Hopefully our season lasts longer than it did last year so we get a few gallons of syrup. There’s nothing more wonderful that enjoying tall stack of pancakes topped with maple syrup you made yourself. It’s also a great conversation when you’re at parties and gatherings. People are truly amazed when they find out that regular people make their own syrup.

If you’d like to tap a couple of your maple trees you’d better start looking for some supplies. If you don’t need tons of supplies Tap My Trees is a great place. I go my local Lehman’s store to purchase what I need, you may also be able to find a local store if you check around.

Do you or have you considered tapping your maple trees?

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