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We have had an interesting spring in South Texas with the weather and the rain. Ranging everywhere from HOT to cool, HUMID to dry, and quite the range in-between. After living in Palm Springs, CA in the dry desert heat for many years, I find that I am more intolerant to any type of humidity. In the desert, our humidity was something like 7%, maybe 14%, so when we moved to the San Antonio area in July 6 years ago I was blasted with 102F and a lot of humidity (the 102F was a “normal” temp in summer in Palm Springs, it was still blinkin’ hot, but it was dry.)  People form Houston just laugh and say that we don’t know what humidity is like, and while I agree and completely understand, I still need to explain where I came from and what a shock to my system it was coming from 7% humidity to something higher.iceNow, I add menopause to the equation and I am miserable when the thermometer climbs about 70F it seems.

Enter cold drinks with ice cubes, cold washcloths and fans everywhere around the house.

We have an old-fashioned refrigerator. I say “old-fashioned” because there is no water or ice cube maker in it, and that is not a complaint. I am our built-in ice-cube machine! It is part of my daily routine.

I am thankful for days without much humidity, and electricity to run the fans and the refrigerator so that I can make more ice!

What are the summer temps like where you live (you southern hemisphere readers can tell me about your winter temps – the cooler temps might make some of us feel better)?

How do you combat the heat?

Sincerely, Emily


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This week we are looking at the things of this winter season…the ice that is on our troughs and fence posts…and the fire that is in our woodstoves, firepits…and in the sky!

Happy New Year…New Decade!

This is shot from the shores of a lake that our cabin is on…I call it

Fire Water!

Ice on the Pasture Fence

Around the campfire.

Icy Camel!


At the Roost, fire defines our life.  It provides the warmth in our home. It dictates sleep and wake cycles.  Feeding it fills our days and nights with activity. 

All the rest of our world is ice.





We track through it to the barn, hauling water and feed,

And it looms over us at every turn.

Hope your New Year is warm and filled with light.

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