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It is fun to explore how each of us has our own unique holiday traditions.   Today we have tried to capture some of the magic of our personal traditions with our photos…enjoy!

Each year we make homemade ornaments…these are Christmas balls we made for Sweet Girl’s pink tree.

There is the annual gingerbread house…

We try to find snow somewhere!

Getting out weird and wonderful Christmas decorations!

And of course there are the usual holiday greeting to send!

Here at Chiot’s Run we have a lot of traditions, some very strange. I don’t have many photos of our traditions, I guess I’ll have to make sure to take some this year. We always have a nativity and one of those candle things that makes the angels spin. This nativity is the family set my mom gave me, it’s from Colombia, which is the country I was born and raised in (my parents work there).

Being a religious family, my dad always reads through the Christmas story before we open gifts. We then open gifts one by one, everyone watches the person opening the gift. It’s so great to see the reactions.

While we open gifts we enjoy homemade cookies, candies and pie and we sip on eggnog, coffee, or hot chocolate.

Mr Chiots and I have made a few traditions of our own. We make a big breakfast on Christmas morning and watch vintage James Bond movies all day and as many as we can fit in before New Year’s.

So our not so normal readers…What are some of your unique traditions at the holidays?

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Well we are in the full swing of the holiday gift giving season.  It is so easy to get caught up in the feeding frenzy that is this shopping season!  We thought we would share photos of some of the homemade gifts that we are giving or have been given to us.  Nothing says I love you like something that you have taken the time to make for someone special.

At Roberts Roost the kids have been busy making gifts.  RR built some bird houses,

JJ wove some scarves,

and helped mom make wreaths.

And they built a new crèche for to help celebrate the season.

Here at Chiot’s Run we celebrate a “homemade” Christmas each year. Gifts have to be homemade/handmade or something using your talents. We set a limit of $20 for supplies/ingredients. It’s always fun coming up with fun ideas. Since I love to sew, I made cloth shopping bags for all the ladies in my family last year. I plan on making more this year since I’ve received numerous requests. I usually use old curtains as the main fabric and cloth ribbon (100 yds for $5) so they’re very inexpensive. These cost me pennies each to make.

I also make homemade cinnamon rolls for everyone in both of our families. They’re a HUGE hit. I like giving gifts that get consumed so they don’t take up space, and who doesn’t love cinnamon rolls. I found these great tree shaped pans at a bakery supply place on-line. They cost me less than a dollar each!

I make tons of canned jams/jellies/chutneys as gifts as well. These are given to our professional/work friends. It makes a great gift since most people enjoy jams & jellies, especially the homemade kind!

I am famous for one Christmas specialty: chocolate covered cherries. I have people come out of the woodwork and drive hundreds of miles to get theirs during the holidays. I must say, they are good, I eat my share as I’m making them!

This year I made a calendar featuring a few of my photos for most of my family. I had them printed up at Lulu, but since I took all the photos myself I figure it counts as handmade? It was much cheaper to get them professionally printed than to try to do that part myself. They’re a huge hit with the few people that have received them already.

This year for me it is all about knitting…after years of not picking up my knitting needles I have taken it up again with a vengence.  Everyone is getting a scarf…or two!


White Grape Peach Jelly is the flavor this year in the Christmas baskets…yum!

There will be banana bread…

And apple raisin sticky buns…

And photo books all around!

So what handmade gifts are you giving this year?  What handmade gift have you been given in the past that is dear to your heart?

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Handmade Holidays

I have been noticing that with the economy the way it is that there is a push for frugal gifts focusing on homemade.  There are ‘buy handmade’ pledges all over the blogs.  I think this is a worthy goal to be sure.

But I have decided that I do not want to buy homemade this but want to make it myself.  I have enlisted the help of one of my big boys and my little girl.

We have come up with a list of what we like to do, what we do well and how that can translate into gifts for our loved ones.

My 21 year old son is a great baker.  He and I are going to bake and fill baskets with goodies for our friends.  We are including artisan breads, cookies, quick breads, tarts and biscotti.  To this we will add homemade jams, jellies, preserves and dried fruits.

He and I are also knitting a variety of scarves and hats to give away.

Sweet Girl and I have already made sets of marble magnets for everyone and will include this in decorative tins with varies photos I have taken of the family and the garden.  She is adding to this a specially drawn picture for the recipient to hang on their frig with the magnets.

I am also using my photos to have photo books printed for my mom, sister, and mother in law.  I took pics of my neices and am having those photos framed for my sister in law.  I am making a scrapbook for hubby with pictures I’ve taken of the progress we have been making remodeling our cabin.

For my best girlfriends I am making felt pillows in each of their favorite colors.

The hard group of people to stick to handmade for is my college age sons…they really just want cash, lol!

For the one leaving for college this spring I have made a recipe book of all his very favorite things to eat.  For my second son who is being a ski bum this winter I am making a scarf.  My oldest who is graduating and getting ready for his first real job I am still thinking of how to incorporate something homemade for his first house…

So I have my job cut out for me over the next couple of months. The housework may suffer and the laundry my multiply…but I’m sure it will be well worth it.

Besides I figure what I spend in effort I will save big time in money…which isn’t exactly the point but it doesn’t hurt either!

So, do you have any interesting handmade gifts planned for you love ones this year and if so would you like to share?

And any handmade ideas for my 23 year old heading out into the real world and setting up his first home?

Kim can be found at the inadvertent farmer raising organic fruits, veggies, critter, kids…and a camel!

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