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Yesterday I posted about some free wood scraps (cut offs) that I got from a neighbor. Today I wanted to show you the benches that I made using similar scraps of wood.

Another, taller, bench

shorter bench -1I originally saw this bench design at my next door neighbors. He is the woodworker that I have posted about before (over at Sincerely, Emily) who makes wooden toys and the bus. He is very handy, and builds a lot of other things that they need or want around the house/property like a tall, large tripod to hang large wind chimes in or trellis for any vines. He also built a pergola off their screen porch and aviaries for their doves and another one for a parrot. Small scale or large scale, he has his hands in it and he has always had a pile of scrap wood to use along the way.

What is so great about these benches is that you can make them any height and any length. You just build them to fit the space you need to fill or the area you want to use them.

scrap wood

Using scrap lumberNot only can you make them to fit your space, but the scarp wood you use for the horizontal pieces on top can be mixed and matched. They can be 2×2’s, 2×4’s, 2×6’s, etc. I am definitely not picky and do not need them all to be the same. I love using the 4×4’s for the legs. They make the bench very sturdy and will take the weight of a lot of plants or a person if you are making it to sit on. The smaller tables my step-dad made for the laundry basket near the clothesline and the compost tumbler where made using 2x’6’s for the legs. Those tables do not need to support a lot of weight, so it was good to use the lumber scraps we had and save the 4×4’s for the plant benches.

Small table at clothesline

I put a piece of concrete under each leg (look at first photo) to keep it off the ground and away from moisture so the leg won’t start to rot. Our ground has not been moist or wet very often over the past few years here in South Texas, but if I can help the legs of my benches last just s little longer, I will.

The pile of scrap wood I hauled home in November still sits and waits for me. I had planned to get a few benches made this winter, but that is one of those things “on hold”  until I get better and can do my own things again. (JD is you happen to be reading this, feel free to use that beautiful scrap lumber and build me a couple of benches!)

I have talked about how strange things get me excited, like free horse manure and free mulch. Well, you can add scarp wood (or cut offs) to that list.

What kind of neat free stuff have you picked up along the way?

Sincerely, Emily

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November is giveaway month here at Not Dabbling in Normal and i get to kick it off! Check back all this month for more great giveaways from all of us quirky contributors – there’s sure to be some good stuff up for grabs!

As you may know, i (Miranda from Pocket Pause) am a crazy entrepreneur with what seems like half a dozen small businesses clamoring about in my head and on my drafting table. (Doing the books every month is a nightmare!) Included in my cacophony of careers are children’s book illustrations, natural soap and needle-felted pet portraits and collectible soft sculptures. I had a hard time choosing which business would be hosting this week’s giveaway, so i thought i’d offer some options!

The Prizes:

First Place: A Gift Certificate to Fiber Friends, worth $25 dollars! Keep for yourself or give to a friend for use in my Etsy shop. Browse the existing critters or send me a message with a custom request – no dream is too big! Apply the certificate to a larger purchase or pick up a small holiday ornament. My Fiber Friends have been featured on several blogs including Dogster.com and are as cute as they are popular, sure to bring a smile to your face! Fiber Friends are collectible, pocket sized pets, ornaments and dollhouse buddies. You can read more on my Etsy about page or at Pocket Pause.

Gift certificates also valid on my original illustrations! Two birds with one stone!

Second Place: 1 bar of all natural, artisanal soap from Nude Soap. Each bar of my luscious soaps are blended from natural vegetable oils, scented with pure essential oils and packaged in 100% recycled paper. I have loyal customers because my soaps are fantastic! I’d love for you to try it out for yourself and find your new favorite body product. Winner may choose from any of my soap blends, excluding shampoo bars.

Are you excited yet, tantalized, hankering to be one of the winners? Here are the rules:

  1. Visit Fiber Friends on Etsy and add my shop to your favorites
  2. Visit and “Like” Pocket Pause on Facebook
  3. Visit and “Like” Nude Soap on Facebook
  4. Tweet about or share this giveaway on Facebook or by email

You can enter using any or all of the above methods! That’s 4 chances to win! Once you’ve entered, comment below letting us know how you entered, and tell us what your preferred prize would be – soap or gift certificate. Enter until next Thursday at noon: winners will be announced next Friday. You must comment on this post to be eligible to win.

Good luck!

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