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Flu Shot?

As most of you know my mom is fighting breast cancer.  One of the first things her oncologist had her do before she started her chemotherapy was to go and get her flu shot.

Which of course started me thinking about this very shot.

There is so much conflicting data over the effectiveness and side effects of the flu vaccine that one cannot help but be confused.

This year’s shot is especially troublesome to me as it is a trivalent shot that included the H1N1 Vaccine, influenza A and influenza B.

I am a firm believer in staying as healthy as possible to keep my immune system in good shape to help my body fight off seasonal bugs…yet as my mom’s caretaker this year I am weighing my options.

I want to start a discussion with this post…I want to learn more about this before I decide.

Here are some links I have found about the flu shots


Dr. Mercola with ‘proof’ as to why the flu shot does not work

Doctor recommends vitamin D instead of flu shot


CDC a video on children lost to the flu (warning, tear jerker)

Flu.gov the government’s flu website


Do you get the flu shot?  If so why.  If not, why not.

If you have any blog posts or links please feel free to share them.

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As the cold and flu season is upon us I have done some research into ‘cures’ for the common cold.

I have many herbal teas that we use when we’re sick…but I wanted something I could take at the very first symptoms of sickness to knock it out  before it became a full blown, week long, snot fest!

Twice in the last month my darling children have passed their colds onto me.

Twice I have at the first sign of sickness made and drank garlic tea.

Twice my cold failed to be anything more than a 24 hour slight dribble and headache.

Garlic has been used throughout history for its antiseptic and antimicrobial properties. Recent scientific studies have indicated that a diet high in garlic (more than 2 large cloves a day per person) can reduce the incidence of certain cancers especially those of the intestinal tract and breast cancer.

Here is a good page to look at from the National Cancer Institute on more specifics of garlic and cancer.

When using raw garlic it is important to crush or mince and then let your garlic sit for 15 minutes…this allows the chemical compounds in the cloves to be released.

My garlic tea is simply one clove of peeled, crushed garlic allowed to sit for 15 minutes after crushing.  Then I place it in the bottom of a coffee cup and pour boiling water over it.  I let it steep for another 15 minutes.  Then I remove the garlic and add honey and lemon.  I slowly drink the tea while chewing on the clove of garlic.

I will admit that I smell like garlic for at least an hour after this…so I would not do it when headed out to an important appointment!

Now I am not going to say that this is indeed the cure for the common cold but so for the evidence has been compelling.  As the colds have lasted from 5 days to a week for my husband kids it has lasted less than 24 hours for me and has had considerably milder symptoms.

Now if I could just convince the rest of my family that the stinking rose really does make a beneficial…if not stinky tea!

So do you have a ‘cure’ for the common cold that you would like to share?


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