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When I was visiting a forum of mostly mothers the other day a woman posted the question of which was more important people or animals/enviroment.  She thought we had gone too far in protecting fish specifically at the expense of people.

As I ‘listened’ to the conversation unfold while other complained about out of work folks that the government wasn’t helping but had millions to spend on saving sea turtles.  They discussed eagles, global warming, factory farms, PETA, and many interesting subjects.

What hit me is that the original question seemed to be flawed (in my opinion)  as a farmer/parent/consumer/human being I don’t see it as an either/or situation.

It seems to me the disappearing turtles and fish are just a symptom of the larger illness that our planet if facing as a whole.  Waterways so polluted and over fished that these creatures can’t survive without our help.  How can we separate ourselves from the world we live in? 

Sometimes I see on the news stories about people who has been removed from a home that is so overrun with garbage, old food and feces that they cannot be allowed to live there for their own safety.  I always shake my head and wonder how people can live like that…

Doesn’t it seem reasonable to keep our world clean and safe for all the inhabitants…not to have it so polluted, and overrun with garbage and feces (from factory farms) that we cannot any longer inhabit it…that the turtles and eagles and fish can no longer inhabit it?

No I don’t believe it is a choice between man or the enviroment at all…

I don’t believe that its them or us…

No, I’m pretty sure as the turtles, fish  and eagles go… so do we.


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