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Last week I struggled with finding photos for D. I could think of a lot of “D” things, just didn’t have photos of them…

This week was a bit easier. Elder has been on my mind because I started working (with a friend) on a presentation for Herb of the Year on Elder for the local Herb Society back in September of 2012. So that “E” came easy to me and as I go through past photos, so good “E” photos popped out.

Experimentsexperiment 1aThis experiment did not go so well. I will post about it on Friday over at Sincerely, Emily.

Egg and eggplant sandwich (now I am hungry – they were so good!) I many of these from breakfast when the eggplant were growing in the garden.023What kind of “E” things come to mind for you?

Sincerely, Emily

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