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Family comes in all shapes and sizes, as do the activities we do with our family members. Whether it be a day of shopping or months of baby shower planning, time spent with family is priceless.


“My daughter.” Was there ever a more beautiful phrase? I spent the day with mine yesterday: Giant junk store, $3 BLT, driving down country roads in the blinding rain. What’s not to like. —Xan


“My Sisters.” What an unusual and glorious phrase for an only child. I am an only child, but have 2 half sisters, 2 nephew, 2 neices, 4 step-sisters and 2 sisters in law. It’s a chorus line, and there’s a new little nephew on the way. I’m having such fun helping my “little sister” with the baby, from shower invitations to baby hats and a felted mobile. I’m also lucky to have one of my half sisters and (favorite) niece in town for a few days this Summer. – Miranda


My family lives far, far away… but, I did spend some time with them a few weeks ago up in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Even though there is never enough time to do everything I want, we did have a good time. I posted some addition photos over at Sincerely, Emily a few days ago.

How do you like to spend your family time?

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