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I’ve always wanted to have a space in the garden dedicated to cut flowers for the table. Somehow, the vegetables always take over and demand all of my time and the cutting garden gets moved to the bottom of the to-do list. This past fall, I was a little overzealous when ordering my spring flowering bulbs and ended up with 700 tulips (I know, that’s a lot of tulips and I had a total of 2500 bulbs to plant). This was just the thing I needed to make me realize my dreams of starting a cutting garden. I have this ugly hillside in the back of the property that I’ve always neglected. It was planted with an invasive ground cover that I’ve been trying feebly to eradicate for the entire 9 years we’ve lived here. I spent a few days digging it all out, working up the soil, and planting tulips and a few other naturalizing bulbs. This hillside will be perfect for tulips because it’s dry and the soil is fairly lean.

The hillside burst into bloom this spring and it’s been a beautiful addition to the garden. I especially enjoy this little corner because only I can see it. It can’t be seen from the road, but I see it from my kitchen window and through the glass doors in the dining room. It’s like the secret garden of Chiot’s Run.

This past Sunday I cut a lovely bouquet to take to Easter dinner along with the rolls and sourdough bread that I always take. I figured it would make a beautiful addition to the table, and it did.

So often in our gardens we focus on feeding our bodies. While I truly believe vegetables can be beautiful in their own right, flowers feed us in a different way, especially when we bring them indoors. I’ve sprinkled this hillside with black peony poppy seeds and I’ll be adding seeds for a few other flowers, along with planting nasturtiums to spill over the rock wall in front. Hopefully this garden will provide beautiful blooms for my table all season long. It won’t feed by body, but it does feed my soul!

What’s your favorite flower to have on your table?

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