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If you have been reading my personal blog over the past few years, as well as what I have contributed here at NDIN, then you have been exposed to a few of the stranger things that I have revealed about myself.

I have told you about my Obsession with jars (to use of course), I like mechanical pencils (that is not too strange I guess), and that I can write backwards (yup, I know that is strange!)

There is one collection that I have that I have not told you about. It isn’t a secret. It just doesn’t come up in conversation that much. So, here it goes. Hi, My name is Emily and I collect cat whiskers.

What what

Actually, my dad started this collection. We moved from Wisconsin to Minnesota when I was ten years old. With moving, comes a lot of boxes. One of the tall boxes ended up in my parents new bedroom, waiting to be unpacked. Before long our two cats found the top of this box to be the purr-fect perch on which to sleep, look outside, and all-around hang out. When the box was finally unpacked, it stayed here covered with a nice blanket to make this purr-fect cat perch more comfortable.

Our cats used this perch constantly. One day my dad found a cat whisker on the blanket and showed it to me. A purr-fect, long cat whisker. I always loved cat whiskers and here was my dad showing me one. I was around 11 years old. He thought it was pretty special and found a little box for it and showed me where he put it in his desk drawer. I could go in there anytime I wanted to and take a peak.

The whisker box 2As the years went on, more whiskers were placed for safe keeping in the little box and the cat whisker collection grew. Every now and then a newly found whisker would stand out and my dad would measure it to see if it was the longest in the collection.

I have the little box now and my cats whiskers have added to it over the years. After admiring the long beautiful whiskers on my friends cats, I opened our mailbox one day to find that he had sent us one of his cat whiskers to add to the collection. It is still the longest in the collection.

I can spot a cat whisker from across the room. I have found cat whiskers in most of the rooms in our house; on the floor, on our bed. I can even spot them across the room (only if it is a white whisker on a dark color or black whisker on a light color though.) If whiskers do come up in conversation and I tell someone about my collection, they are amazed that I can even find the whiskers and claim they have never seen one in all the years they have cats. While they are amazed I find them, I am amazed that they haven’t.

whiskers 3

Do you have cats ad have you ever found whiskers?

Sincerely, Emily

You can see what else I am up to over at Sincerely, Emily. The topics are varied, as I jump around from gardening to sewing to making bread or lotion and many things in between.

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I love old books…the yellowed pages, the stained covers, the old book smell.  There is something about an old book with out of date writing style and pictures of people from long ago that I just adore!

My favorite bookstore to hunt for old books is Powell’s Books.  If you old book obsessed then Powell’s Books in Portland Oregon is truly a spiritual experience,  if there is a bookstore in heaven it will be Powell’s!  A few years ago when I was wandering its maze of aisles I found myself in the gardening section…ok I admit that is usually where I end up!  I spotted among the new and shiny garden books, with their covers of perfect cabbage roses and sophisticated Japanese maples,  this plain water stained cucumber green, enormous but squat book. It had  nothing on the cover but the words “The Complete Book of Composting by J.I. Rodale and Staff”  My first thought is how in the world could there ever be over 1000 pages worth of information on just composting?  My second thought is darn this is one ugly book!  I flipped to the Introduction page,

“Compost is the core, the essential foundation of natural gardening and farming.  It is the heart of the organic concept”

Across the page was written “SIXTH PRINTING-DECEMBER 1969”.

I didn’t know that there even was an “organic concept” in 1969!  Next I checked out the Table of Contents, here are just a few of its 27 chapters:

The History Of Compost,   The Basics of Compost,   Composting Methods For The Gardener,   Applying Compost On The Farm,  The Earthworm’s Role In Composting, Personal Experiences,   Compost And The Health Of Animals and Man,   Humus-The End Product, and even Compost And The Law

I was hooked, its old, its about composting, and not just a superficial look at composting either but a 27 chapter 1000 page behemoth of composting . With its great old black and white pictures and price tag of only $8.95 how could I resist?

After owning this for years and referring to it often I can say that anyone who has either an old book, or compost fetish that this is a great addition to your library…if you can find it!


Never judge a book by its cover!


You’ve got to love a woman who composts in a dress with her hair done up!  Very attractive compost bin.


I thought this was a novel idea.  A compost bin with a cement floor that slopes down to grooves that funnel the rain water turned ‘compost tea’ in sunken cans in the ground.  With the amount of rain we get around here I would need a couple of 5 gallon buckets instead of little coffee cans!

So do you collect old books?  How about old garden tools?  Maybe even great old farm signs…

Kim can also be found at the inadvertent farmer where she raises organic fruits, veggies, critters, kids, and… a camel!

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