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We had a very hectic week here but each evening I took the time to sit and sort, and shred, and file.

When I was done the sunroom which used to look like this…

Now looks like this…

While going through all the paperwork I found that there were 4 categories of things I had to deal with.

  1. To be Filed
  2. To be Paid
  3. To be Shredded
  4. To be Recycled

So I set up a landing place for all those things.  I wanted to bring the mail in, set it on the desk, sort each piece into the appropriate area and then be able to move on.

We used to bring in the mail, set it on the kitchen counter, everyone would look at it, it would get scattered and then I would every few days have to gather it up and resort it all.

Now it will be brought directly to the desk…or at least that has been my decree, we’ll see if the family can actually remember!

I brought in an extra file cabinet we had to help with the filing….

I also put the shredder back in the corner with a ‘to be shredded’ basket next to it.  Once a week or so I’ll sit and do the shredding.

On top of one of the file cabinets I put a ‘to be filed’ basket…

It sits right next to the photo of John Wayne…I have four sons…four time I had to tell my hubby I was not naming our unborn son “the Duke”

I took our old bank statements and other paperwork that needed to be kept but wasn’t needed on a daily basis and put them in some file boxes and stored them in a nearby closet. I’m looking into getting a scanner to scan these to pdf files thanks to the suggestion left last week by Conny…Thanks!

Finally I finished putting things like insurance policies in binders in the credenza…I need to finish decorating those binders!

So there you have it!

All clean!  I have great hopes that it will stay this way since I have taken the time to try to figure out a specific way to deal with the paperwork clutter.  We shall see…

My favorite part?

The fact that I can once again see the photos on my desk…toes not withstanding.

And before you start thinking ‘good job Kim’ or ‘wow she is sooo organized’….

The library/homeschool area looks like this.  I should tackle it next.

Then again I could just hang out in the garden and pretend we don’t have an upstairs!

Not that I would do such a thing…


Kim can also be found at the inadvertent farmer where she raises organic fruits, veggies, critters, kids, and…a camel!


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It is not my personality to makes lists…even when I do I lose them so I figure what is the point?

But for this for an undertaking this big I made a list of rooms that needed de-cluttering, what I hoped to accomplish in each area, and what supplies I needed.

Then I had the task of decided which room to start…

I though about starting in the hardest most messy room in the house…my craft room.  But figured I would be so exhausted by the time I was done that I would not have enough gumption to tackle anything else for months.

So instead I chose a room that is rather public, that the kids seldom mess up in, and something that would please my organized-neat-orderly-hubby.  Our office/sunroom/exercise room is mostly being taken over by paperwork…something that seems to be a universal problem in most homes.

It is a room that once cleaned and organized would most likely would stay that way for the foreseeable future because I only use it to run on the treadmill and the kids only use it to jump on the trampoline.  Well except in the late winter/early spring when the big table under the window is covered with seedlings…but for now it is just collecting more clutter.

I am being very honest here and posting what it looked like just this morning…

I’m giving myself till next week to do this because chances are that if the weather is nice I’ll be out there..

Next week I’ll share the after photos and the strategies I came up with for organizing the paperwork monster.

If you guys have any great tips for keeping paperwork under control I would love to hear them!

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