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B is for…


One of my (Sincerely, Emily) favorite “B’s” is Black cat!

Star 2004

Star 2004

B is for… Blooms

Texas Native - Native Lantana

Texas Native – Native Lantana


B is for baking and best friends.

4477186796_d87f975a0a_b At Falingwater

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This year Spring has actually come on quite slowly for once down herein South Texas. Although our temperatures are all over the board, it has been nice. A few days ago we were 90F, while today we struggled to hit 70F. (Sorry, I know many of you in the Midwest are digging out from the latest snow fall or trying to stay upright on icy sidewalks!)

With days that have already been in the high 80’s and up to 90F, I notice “Cat Tummy Season” is already here.  What the heck is “Cat Tummy Season?”

Kivuli tummy

I think that explains it.

Kivuli tummy 2

Sincerely, Emily

You can see what else I am up to over at Sincerely, Emily. The topics are varied, as I jump around from gardening to sewing to making bread or lotion and many things in between.

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With my outdoor and active life still “on hold” I am finding all sorts of different things to do. The other day I was paging through some photo albums and found some older photos in them that were fun to see.

I grew up with cats and so did my dad. One of the photos I found was of my dad in one of his cars. What I didn’t notice until later was there is a cat in the car with him. I believe the photo is from the 50’s, the car is much older than that, but I have no idea what kind of car it is or the year.


This photo is one of my all-time favorites. I was almost 5 years old in the photo.


I’m having fun looking through the old photos. I’m also glad that I can take a digital photo of them to share with family and preserve them for generations to come.

You can see a few other old photos that I posted back in November here.

Are you preserving some of your old photos? How are you doing it?

Sincerely, Emily

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If you have been reading my personal blog over the past few years, as well as what I have contributed here at NDIN, then you have been exposed to a few of the stranger things that I have revealed about myself.

I have told you about my Obsession with jars (to use of course), I like mechanical pencils (that is not too strange I guess), and that I can write backwards (yup, I know that is strange!)

There is one collection that I have that I have not told you about. It isn’t a secret. It just doesn’t come up in conversation that much. So, here it goes. Hi, My name is Emily and I collect cat whiskers.

What what

Actually, my dad started this collection. We moved from Wisconsin to Minnesota when I was ten years old. With moving, comes a lot of boxes. One of the tall boxes ended up in my parents new bedroom, waiting to be unpacked. Before long our two cats found the top of this box to be the purr-fect perch on which to sleep, look outside, and all-around hang out. When the box was finally unpacked, it stayed here covered with a nice blanket to make this purr-fect cat perch more comfortable.

Our cats used this perch constantly. One day my dad found a cat whisker on the blanket and showed it to me. A purr-fect, long cat whisker. I always loved cat whiskers and here was my dad showing me one. I was around 11 years old. He thought it was pretty special and found a little box for it and showed me where he put it in his desk drawer. I could go in there anytime I wanted to and take a peak.

The whisker box 2As the years went on, more whiskers were placed for safe keeping in the little box and the cat whisker collection grew. Every now and then a newly found whisker would stand out and my dad would measure it to see if it was the longest in the collection.

I have the little box now and my cats whiskers have added to it over the years. After admiring the long beautiful whiskers on my friends cats, I opened our mailbox one day to find that he had sent us one of his cat whiskers to add to the collection. It is still the longest in the collection.

I can spot a cat whisker from across the room. I have found cat whiskers in most of the rooms in our house; on the floor, on our bed. I can even spot them across the room (only if it is a white whisker on a dark color or black whisker on a light color though.) If whiskers do come up in conversation and I tell someone about my collection, they are amazed that I can even find the whiskers and claim they have never seen one in all the years they have cats. While they are amazed I find them, I am amazed that they haven’t.

whiskers 3

Do you have cats ad have you ever found whiskers?

Sincerely, Emily

You can see what else I am up to over at Sincerely, Emily. The topics are varied, as I jump around from gardening to sewing to making bread or lotion and many things in between.

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Officially, summer is here. I sort of laughed out loud with “summer” arrived. Really? I am ready for fall. No rain in sight and things are getting super crispy around these parts. Harvesting anything has been sort of a joke. It gets frustration to water and water and watch and wait and then watch many thing never produce. I have pulled out most of the garden and I shake my head because many of you are just starting to harvest things. I am trying not to get to frustrated, but at this point, with two dry springs/summers and terrible springs gardens I am seriously thinking about only gardening in the fall and winter.

I know spring will roll around and I will get inspired, but it’s also hard when your winter garden is still growing great and you are still eating from it. Now I wish I would have just left the winter garden go as long as it could.

To keep my spirits up, I am going to share some nice photos. Photos that make me smile.

I hope they make you smile too.

How is your garden growing this year?

Sincerely, Emily

P.S.  I will be “unplugged” from technology for a few weeks, so you will not see you comment appear until I plug back in and get back in the swing of things. I look forward to reading your comments and will respond to each and every one of them.

You can see what else I am up to over at Sincerely, Emily. The topics are varied, as I jump around from gardening to sewing to making bread or lotion and many things in between.

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