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It seems that my list of bookmarks on my computer just keeps getting longer and longer, and I just keep adding to it. The bookmarked things ranges for herb websites to blogs of all sorts, recipes and crafty things I would like to try. (ya, I have heard of pinterest, and I should probably use it more, but it seems I get lost in time when ever I log in there)

Every time I bookmark something it ends up at the bottom, and the bottom seems to be pages and pages down there, so I started working on organizing the bookmarks and as I did that I came across things I had forgotten about (what a concept!)… so I decided to try to either do something, like a craft, each week or try a recipe or read a certain blog I bookmarked but never got back to.

I have a lot going on right now, so I picked a few simple things that wouldn’t take up too much time. I started with a bookmark. I figured it would be perfect for my niece that had a birthday this week. This was a super frugal gift, because I used some of those left-over scraps of paper that I save. I found the original on The Girl Creative.Book marks 1I tweaked the pattern for me and simplified it. The original bookmarks are cute, but my niece is 11, and I wanted something a bit more tailored for her.Book marks 3I picked out some designer card stock/scrap-booking papers that I thought that she would like (blues and greens) and made a few. Another niece likes hot pink and animal prints, so I made a few for her at the same time.Book marks 5This was a quick and easy project for me to do and it felt good actually getting around to one of those things I had bookmarked off the internet.

Do you have a long list of bookmarked things? How do you organize them?

Do you ever have things you want to try? Do you ever get around to them?

Sincerely, Emily

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Who else loves Pinterest! I do, i do! Pinterest is a relatively new website/tool that allows us visual rememberers to bookmark things we find on the internet based on their images. Bookmarks are great, but i can never find what i’m looking for and often use some random description that helps me not at all in my search.  Then there’s the whole “woops, i lost all my bookmarks” issue that occasionally arises. Pinterest allows me to grab my favorite image from a website to help me save something for later. I use Pinterest as a bookmarking tool, as well as a sharing tool. Not exactly “social media” in the Facebook “show off your baby” sense, but social in that you can share a board with someone else to keep them in the loop of what you’re reading and discovering online, and you can follow folks and gain ‘followers’ who are interested in the same things you’re interested in.

Here are two of my favorite pins lately:


These pumpkin cinnamon rolls from Smitten Kitchen look delish! I’d love to bake them later, so i pinned her post to my “Food and Eating” board.

Source: squidoo.com via Miranda on Pinterest


I just love Boer goats! We hope to raise goats for milk and meat one day soon, so i pinned this image that links to an article about raising meat goats to my “Goats and Livestock” board.

I have boards for sewing, knitting, inspiration, cooking, gardening and more. I can visually organize my bookmarks in a way that i’m more likely to remember and all of Pinterest is searchable, so my pin descriptions can also help me find the articles i’m looking for. I follow fellow Dabbler, Susy on Pinterest, as well as several other Pinners that post things ranging from home decor to sewing patterns. There is a wealth of info there to be had and shared and it’s growing all the time. The site has suffered a few hiccups resulting from a shoddy business plan (gee, i don’t know anything about that!) but i love it and so do tons of other (mostly female) people. My husband is on Pinterest, pinning things like fishing lure designs and construction plans. The more things you grab from the internet and add to Pinterest, the more that’s available to browse using their various search/wander functions.

Do you pin? I’d love it if you’d follow me and see what i’ve been pinning lately.  You never know what you might find to inspire you next. Have you found a favorite recipe or a  juicy piece of info from Pinterest recently?

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