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I went to my first swap this past April. I had heard of swaps but didn’t find one in my area until a friend found this one on a MeetUp page and told me about it.

Swap July 2013

Swap July 2013

The organizer set up a few guidelines and the rest is history. She holds it once a month.

There were a few guidelines to follow:

  • No money was allowed – this is all about the trade and bartering with what you have for what you want/need.
  • Items should be sustainably-minded. Something you have grown in your garden, something you conned/cooked/brewed/baked/preserved/dried, etc. Something your animals made (goat milk, hen eggs, lamb wool, etc.) Something you sewed/knitted/re-purposed, etc. Items to do with sustainable interests are also good (Mother Earth News magazines, cookbooks, cooking/camping gear, etc)
  • The items you should leave at home: this is not a garage sale, items should be about sustainability. Leave the knick-knacks at home.

Once we set up, we were allowed 15 minutes to walk around and check out the items other people brought so we could see what we were interested in.

Lemon pickles, Dill pickles, Homemade Teriyaki sauce

Lemon pickles, Dill pickles, Homemade Teriyaki sauce

Each month I have been posting about the swap over on my personal blog. About a month ago I realized that I hadn’t posted about the July swap and I thought it would be a good topic to post here. I have known the swap and barter system is out there and alive, and I realize that there may be others out there that are interested, but don’t know were to look or even how to get started.

Here are the other swap posts I have done”

Here are a few places to look to find swaps in your area: Note: I will add additional information to this post as I find it or as people comment. (updated 19 Sept 2013)

Would you go to a swap if you had one in your area?
Are you participating in a swap in your area?

Please use the comments to let others know about how to find a swap. If you out there participating in a swap, please comment with the general area you are in and add a link to the swap information.

Sincerely, Emily

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Bartering: exchange of goods or services without involving money

Bartering is as old as mankind itself.  Before our money based economy, barter was the way a person would get good and services that they could not grow or make or do themselves.

There is a wave of new bartering sweeping our nation thanks to internet bartering.  Even Craig’s List has a bartering section.

But as new-fangled as this may be for the modern day city dwellers it is a practice that has always been out here in the country.

These apples came from a neighbors tree.  They are yellow transparent apples which make simply incredible sauce.

I loaned her husband a small power tool that cuts concrete siding in exchange for the privilege of picking as many apples as I wanted.  I got organic apples for sauce and her husband got use of a tool that made his siding job much easier.

Each year we have our pastures hayed.  Instead of investing in the equipment to cut and bale we have a neighbor do it.  He keeps most of the hay minus the small amount I need over the winter.   Free hay for his cattle in exchange for cutting our fields!

Bartering at its simplest and purest form.

We have unlimited use of a jet ski this summer because my hubby helped one of his co-workers with some electrical issues at his house.

Honey is another bartering currency we use in exchange for things.  So are tomatoes, homemade jams, loans of equipment and even use of our cabin!

If you are interested in bartering over the internet here are a few free sites.


Trash Bank

People Trading Services

This is not a bartering site but a site full of free things!


So next time you reach for your checkbook to buy something with money consider what you might barter with your neighbors for.  Or reach out to someone in cyperspace and see if you can find something in exchange for something you have.

It is cheap, it is easy, and it is a great way to spend the afternoon visiting with your neighbor as you pick apples together!


Kim can also be found at the inadvertent farmer where she digs and dishes the dirt on living an authentic country life!

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