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Autumn is Upon Us


The days are officially getting shorter, the weather cooler, and the trees are getting their signals to start changing their colors. It seems like Autumn goes by quickly. That no sooner does the foliage change than the leaves start piling in our yards. Cool and sunny afternoons turn into rainy, cold days, and before we know it Old Man Winter is knocking on our door.


If you’re like me you enjoy bundling up in a warm sweater and spending time outdoors amongst the yellows, oranges, and reds. Raking leaves has never been an unpleasant task for me. If you’re lucky you’ll have the opportunity to spend some time to enjoy the scenery. Before you plan your outing, here are a few helpful resources that may help you plan your journey:


Helpful Sites:

Leave No Trace: How to enjoy the outdoors ethically and responsibly.

Fall Foliage Maps by Region. The Weather Channel has a great mini-site advising when to expect foliage color changes.


Leaf Identification Websites:





Recommended Field Guides:

Peterson First Guides: Trees by region

National Audubon Society Field Guide: Trees by region

National Audubon Society Field Guide for birds

Pocket Naturalist Guide: Trees & Wildflowers by state





Drawing paper, pencils, watercolors

 Bird Call Apps for phones

Plan ahead and enjoy this time of the season. It doesn’t last long!

What’s your favorite part of Autumn?

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When a line of plastic garbage bags gets you excited!

Want to know what’s in my bags…bettcha do!

It’s beautiful, and nutritious…

Look!  Fo0d for my garden…lovely leaves destined to be shredded and put down as much.  To break down into lovely healthy soil for next year’s garden.

Yep…you know you’re a gardener when you are thrilled by plastic bags full of leaves!


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