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As beautiful as this little fellow is, his kind are disappearing all over our planet

Amphibians are extremely sensitive to environmental changes.  There permeable skin and complicated water/land life cycle makes them more vulnerable to changes in the environment than most animals.

Pollution, de-forestation, water level fluctuations, water temperature changes, invasive species, and diseases including the chytrid fungus.  This fungus is now on every continent with amphibian populations and is devastating the populations.  There is as of yet on effective cure for wild populations.

Frog 3

Why care about frogs?

Well they are part of an intricate food chain.  Frogs help keep insect populations in check.  Then the themselves are food for birds and snakes.

They are also the ‘canary in the coal mine’ type of species.  They are an important indicator of the health of our environment…the health of our planet.

And if the serious decline in frogs and toads is an indication of our planet’s health…

I say we better pay attention!

Besides a world without frogs would just not be as magical!

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