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Several years ago I decided to make calendars for my friends and family for Christmas.  I wanted to use some the photos that I had taken through the year to make it.  Calendars make great gifts because everyone needs one and they can be thrown away after the year is through, thus not burdening the receiver with something they feel guilty about getting rid of someday.  I didn’t want to try to make the calendars myself because I wanted them to be really nice, and the proposition of making 10 calendars was kind of overwhelming.  Plus I’m a little limited with printing options.  

After some research I settled on Lulu.com for my printing, had them printed up, and gifted them to most of my friends and family.  They were a huge hit, and around the middle of November the next year people were asking if I was going to do it again so they knew whether to buy a calendar or not.  It became a tradition, something I now do every year.  It’s technically not a “handmade” or “homemade” per se, but I did take the photos, so it was kind of made by me.  I could try to make it myself, but it certainly wouldn’t be as nice as it is withe professional printing job. Lulu does a really fabulous job, the calendars always look really great!

I choose photos that were taken during that month so that they go with the seasons. Since I never print out any of my photos, it’s a great way to display them in my house as well. Another benefit of doing this, is that I make them available to my readers as well since many of them like the calendar too. This also helps me pay some of the bills associated with my personal blog and this blog. Here’s what my calendar looks like this year:

So don’t feel bad if your “handmade/homemade” gifts aren’t technically so. Use your gifts, whatever they may be, to make meaningful gifts for those you love. If you’ve never considered making a calendar I’d highly recommend it. You can order one or one hundred and they’re not that expensive. How much would a grandparent love getting a calendar filled with photos of their grandkids, especially if they live far away. Or perhaps you can have your children draw pictures and scan them in (this would be really great if you had them draw what they thought that month was like).

Do you make any gifts that people request year after year? Have you ever considered making a calendar for your holiday gifts?

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